Meeting Minutes – September 15, 2022

Meeting Minutes – September 15, 2022


  • 7:00 – Informal conversations as people join and suggest future topics
  • 7:30 – Meeting kickoff – Chane Cullens
  • 7:35 – NECCC hot topics – Rhonda Cullens
    • Please update your club info and pay annual fees. Thank you to the 25 clubs that have already paid!
    • Any questions about NECCC Club Services? Interclub competitions (print & digital) …
  • 7:45 – Discussion
    • What are your club guidelines on adding another artist’s creative work such as a sky, a cloud, a moon, a background, a painting, a design or a texture … to a photo? What are the NECCC competition guidelines?
    • Meeting styles – only in person, only online, some meetings are zoom/online and other meetings are in person, hybrid – attend either in person or online
    • The value of using online meeting breakout rooms
    • The Salute to NECCC Photographers slideshow is available to be shown at individual clubs




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