Keeping Clubs Active User Group


The NECCC Keeping Clubs Active user group is a monthly meeting for camera club members to discuss their shared interests, goals, and concerns. The meeting takes place on the third Thursday of each month August through May at 7:00 PM Eastern Time. Socializing from 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM, the recorded meeting starts at 7:30 PM. The meeting is attended by the club representative, president, and other club leaders. The online meeting information is sent out to members one week in advance, with a reminder sent closer to the date of the meeting.

Next Meeting Agenda – “Share Your Club

Cancelled due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances. See you October 19th!

Date September 21, 2023 (Cancelled)

  • 7:00 PM Informal discussions and socializing
  • 7:30 PM Opening remarks and agenda – Antoinette Gombeda
  • 7:40 PM Share Your Club
  • 7:50 PM Questions answered about Interclub Digital Competitions
  • 8:00 PM Questions answered about Individual Print Competitions
  • 8:10 PM Filling Out Dues Forms – Rhonda Cullens

Previous Meetings

  • Meeting Minutes – August 17, 2023

    7:00 – Informal conversations as people join 7:30 – Opening remarks and agenda – Shiv Verma & Antoinette Gombeda 7:45 – Dues structure and importance of filling out rep forms – Barbara Rozavsky 8:00 – Club Services Package – Rhonda Cullens 8:15 – Susan Mosser will discuss the new Interclub Digital Competition and Individual Print Competition

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  • Meeting Minutes – May 18, 2023

    7:30 – Meeting kickoff & News – Chane Cullens 7:40 – NECCC hot topics – Rhonda Cullens Lots of info to share about 2023 – 2024 8:00 – Discussion topics Choosing locations for impactful images – great locations near you.

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  • Meeting Minutes – April 20, 2023

    Examples of running hybrid (in person + online) meetings from three clubs (small, medium and large). Using your ideas for changes to NECCC digital interclub. Photo quality impacts when using online competitions.

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  • Meeting Minutes – March 16, 2023

    Discussion topics Competition software survey results report (delayed from February) How to recruit new club volunteers Independent of COVID, what does the future hold for online, hybrid and in person meetings. Fine Art Photography – what is it, does it fit in camera club competitions and programs

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  • Meeting Minutes – February 16, 2023

    7:30 – Meeting kickoff & News – Chane Cullens 7:40 – NECCC hot topics – Rhonda Cullens 8:00 – Discussion topics Any ideas for changes in the NECCC 2023-2024 Interclub Digital Competition. Categories, Upload, Judging, Awards, Score of a disqualified photo, Communicating with clubs, …

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  • Meeting Minutes – January 19, 2023

    7:30 – Meeting kickoff and news – Chane Cullens 7:35 – NECCC hot topics – Rhonda Cullens Judging Miniseries Update, NECCC Photo Conference, Annual Meeting, Honors … Nature or not quiz 8:00 – Discussion topics Competition software requirements, admins, members, judges

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