Using a Photo’s Impact to Influence Commenting – Miniseries Episode 3 – Mar 31, 2023

Using a Photo’s Impact to Influence Commenting – Miniseries Episode 3 – Mar 31, 2023

Using a Photo’s Impact to Influence Commenting


Chane Cullens (HonNEC) will focus on how to provide educational comments by evaluating a photo based on its impact. He will also explore ways to create impactful photographs through storytelling, creativity, composition, and technical excellence. Understanding the principles that contribute to a photo’s impact can help judges craft comments and help photographers create powerful photos that evoke emotions and communicate messages.

Storytelling in a photograph is the ability to tell a story and capture the viewer’s imagination. Creativity involves finding an unusual or extraordinary way to depict an ordinary subject. Composition directs the viewer’s attention to the most striking or intriguing elements of the photograph. Technical excellence refers to the quality of the photograph, achieved through both camera skills and editing techniques.

A survey of NECCC member clubs revealed that “educational constructive comments” is the most important aspect of competitions. With the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” in mind, this session will offer techniques for crafting educational comments using less than 100 words.

Chane Cullens, HonNEC, lives in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. In addition to being a Vice President of NECCC and leading their Keeping Clubs Active Group, he is also a board member for the Flagpole Photographers Camera Club. He has presented photography related programs at NECCC Photography Conferences, many camera clubs, high schools and community sponsored events. His favorite topics include educating photographers on how judges evaluate photos and helping judges evaluate photos. He has presented on Judging Camera Club Competitions, Creating Photos with Impact, An Excellent Photo is “Not About Gear,” and How to Avoid Losing Your Digital Photographs among others. He has also created an annual all-day hands-on workshop that covers photography basics, downloading, and some post-processing of photos. Chane also designed and taught a class on Nature Photography for the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. Chane also completed 80 mile and 100 mile ultramarathons in 2022.





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