Evaluating Nature Images – Miniseries Episode 1 – Jan 20, 2023

Evaluating Nature Images – Miniseries Episode 1 – Jan 20, 2023


In this one-hour program, Rick Cloran (HonFPSA, GMPSA, HonNEC) will delve into the rules and guidelines for nature photography competitions as defined by the PSA & FIAP (Photographic Society of America, International Federation of Photographic Art). He will also share his personal insights on how to approach evaluating and commenting on nature images, and what makes a successful competitive nature photograph stand out. To illustrate his points, Rick will use a variety of images that have or have not achieved success at different levels of competition, including local, interclub, and international exhibitions. The key aspects of successful nature photography will be presented in easily remembered, concise points, and reinforced with examples.

Rick is a past Chairman of the PSA Nature Division, Director if the PSA Nature Division’s Subject Identification Service, a Commentator for PSA’s ND2 (Nature) Study Group, a frequent judge of Nature International Exhibition sections, and a contributor to the current Nature Definition and the Nature Photography Judge’s Guide.





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